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Ms. Duhagon has more than two decades of experience teaching different ages and styles. The Washingtonian Magazine (USA, September 2014) named her as ďone of the notable guitarists recommended for lessonsĒ.


"Iíve studied guitar with Magdalena Duhagon for many years and find her to be a wonderful teacher. She is patient, responsive to a studentís interests and able to provide articulate and helpful feedback to assist reaching the studentís goals. She is both an extremely accomplished musician and a highly credentialed teacher. Whatever your age, whether you are a beginner or advanced guitarist you will enjoy studying with Magdalena!"
Tim Wechsler

"Magdalena is knowledgeable and kind. She is very approachable, yet clear in her expectations of practice and achievement. I like her thorough approach--my son is learning good classical technique and playing beautiful classical songs, but also learning how to play pop songs and building on his knowledge of theory to reinforce note reading, scales, etc".
SooYoung Chrisfield

"Magdalena is a tremendous teacher! I've been with her for well over a year. A masterful guitarist herself, she helped me elevate my playing at the intermediate level extraordinarily well. She's a real joy to speak and play with."
Ben Stern

"When I moved to DC I enrolled on private classes with Magdalena. My guitar learning process, that started in NY after a big hiatus in Puerto Rico, continued with her in Maryland.
She took me step by step on polishing my sight reading and in understanding the music piece I played for her in the next class. I learned -and understood from her the richness and embellishments of each music score I played.
She is very patient and will tweak or fix any bad habit on your guitar skills, or at least make you aware of it so you can fix it by yourself.
There is no age limitation in her classes, any one can enroll and she will take you, gradually, to the next level of improvement; you will notice (if you persevere and follow her instructions) that you will be honing your skills in no time.
I strongly recommend her not only for her great teachings skills but also for her personality. She is not like any other guitar professor I had in Puerto Rico. She deserves AAAAA+"

Jaime Riera

Duhagon Guitar Studio is located in Hillandale, Maryland For inquiries about lessons please write to: